We specialize in assisting fee-for-service dental practitioners with comprehensive Dental Practice Transition Planning and plan implementation strategies to help minimize the chaos and disruption that often occurs during major life and practice transitions. We assist dentists and teams with managing the change process of:

  • Adding an Associate/Partner 
  • Buying or Selling a Practice 
  • Opening a New Practice 
  • Growing by Acquisition 
  • Associate Feasibility Analysis 
  • Retirement Planning
Vision to Reality - Transition Planning for the Progressive Dentist
We are committed to the client relationship and take pride in offering transition services that support everyone involved in the change process. Our commitment goes beyond the basic business relationship by realizing both the personal and professional needs of the practice.
Begin with Life Planning
Achieve Desired Outcomes
Highly Interactive and Supportive
Tailored Services for Each Situation
Place High Value on Team Involvement
"Practices grow only when the people in them are growing.

-Paul D. Sletten

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On-Going Transition Coaching
Create WIN-WIN Outcomes
High Success Rate
Post Transition Follow Up
In Business Since 1975!
We like to begin our client process with a Life Planning / Practice Planning Session.

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We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

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- Practices for Sale
- Practies Seeking an  
  Associate / Future Partner

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Dental Practice Transition Services
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Dental Practice Transition Planning

Undergoing a major transition in a practice can be complex and difficult. We help our clients through every aspect of the process, providing the personal attention they need to address their unique circumstances, whether they are buying a dental practiceselling a dental practice, or anything else. Our team is fully equipped and eager to meet new challenges and guide clients to implement the most beneficial strategies.