We believe that adding an associate to a practice is a very exciting and complex process that requires customized planning if maximum success is desired.

We believe that most associates are added to a practice with the presumption that they will assume an equity position in the practice at some future point in time.

We believe that personal and professional planning and clarification by the host dentist absolutely essential as the first step in the process.  No practice changes should be made unless they are congruent with the host dentist's clarified vision and personal philosophy.

We believe that the behavioral aspects of this process are the most important part.  Bringing an inappropriate associate into your practice and then having the relationship fail will involve substantial financial loss to the host dentist and the practice.

We believe that the team members should be involved very early in the transition process as they will be the ones called upon to implement the transition plan.

We believe the practice appraisal needs to be completed prior to the associate's entrance into the practice.

We believe all the cards need to be on the table regarding the details of any future equity position prior to the associate's entrance into the practice.

We believe the host dentist must be willing to devote additional time and energy in the early going to bring the associate through a carefully designed developmental role.  We believe the host dentist must continue to serve as a mentor in the creation of the success of the associate.

We believe each practice is unique and the transition plan must be tailored to that uniqueness.

We believe anything worth doing is worth doing well.

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