1.Possess a positive mental attitude.  It's contagious

2.Improve verbal skills for building value for the
  treatment delivered.

3.Create the most productive appointment schedule

4.Look for solutions and actively participate in problem
  solving without blame.

5.Accept personal responsibility for all duties performed,
  help other team members and be a continual leader.

6.Help develop and monitor goals and statistics.

7.Follow scheduling guidelines to keep production
  balanced throughout the day, week, month and year.

8.Understand and help update office job descriptions,
  training charts and procedural manuals.

9.Take risks and applaud others when they try something
  new.  Be positive about every learning opportunity.

10.    Be the most professional health-care provider you can
  be and have fun in the process!


"Practices grow only when the people in them are growing."  There is a direct correlation between the success of a dental practice and the continued growth and development of the people who own them and work in them.  This is about creating the distinctive practice that rewards you, your team and your patients emotionally, spiritually and financially.

  • Empower your team for success

  • Set goals and take action with timetables for creating something new and exciting in your practice

  • Create a practice environment that encourages tailored personal growth and development programs for all team members

All practice transitions involve life transitions for the dentists and teams.  Paul Sletten specializes in facilitating successful transitions for all stakeholders.  In addition to doing Practice Valuations and helping put Win-Win Agreements together, there is also a strong emphasis on matching people with similar values and philosophies.

  • Define personal objectives in order to formulate a clear vision of the future of the practice.

  • Define a professional direction with outcomes that are appropriate for the office, team and the patients.
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